welcome to the new world



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an abominable mesh of electro, ambient, industrial and a whole manner of other daemonic ingredients, surgeryhead forms the soundtrack of the wasteland.


Wasteland mythos Albums

hear auditory tales of the lords of the video wasteland. the burning souls of the heroes and factions of this strange and violent world digitized for your pleasure.

hear the creation myth of the wasteland, the story of the rebel angel Beyonna nuit and her pact with the vengeful dead.

listen to the throbbing sounds of the outer metasphere, a mythocule forming and falling to earth, and taking its true horrible form.


Non canon albums

soundtracks and ambient soundscapes, glimpses of strange places and otherwordly scenes.

synthesised agony, electronic ecstasy.



surgeryhead’s infamously warped interpretations of other people’s works, as well as a myriad of disturbed individuals own re-arrangements of the sounds of video wasteland.